Take the Cake

So, this is really just me 1) repping out a really awesome business and group of talented people and 2) bragging about Northside. Take the Cake is a bakery/resteraunt here in Northside that serves, hands down, THE BEST baked goods Ive ever had. They are so good that when Jason and I first became engaged we were already 100 % positive that we wanted them and noone else to make our wedding cake (and although many aspects of our wedding plans have changed between then and now, the decisions to love each other and get married and to go with Take the Cake are the two that have remained static!). The people who run and work at TTC are incredibly nice, and incredibly talented – two traits that equal me instantly liking you. Not only are their baked goods damn good, but their lunch and brunch menu is eclectic and yummy, and it rotates almost every day which means it never gets boreing.

A few weeks ago Jason and I went in on a Saturday afternoon for our official wedding cake meeting/tasting. We got to re-sample TTC’s awesome cupcake selection, and love on it some more. We decided on a four layer cake ( two layers yellow, two dark chocolate) with bittersweet chocolate ganache frosting in a spoon finish (no fondant for us, real frosting! Ill admit it, Im a fondant hater).  Believe me, our excitement levels are set on high!