sweet like Honey

I know there are people who really like to take pictures of their food at the restaurants that they eat at, I respect this but rarely do it. I usually am too involved in eating to take pictures.  Honey is the big exception, as they are my favorite restaurant in Cincinnati and they also happen to be located (oh so conveniently for me) in Northside!

I started out the day planning to make homemade humus pizza with goat cheese and topped with roasted veggies for dinner.  Oh, the best laid plans.  After a long day Jason and I both said what the heck and rolled down Hamilton Avenue to our favorite Cincinnati restaurant ( and possibly our favorite restaurant this side of San Francisco.  Good food + good people = Hells yes.), Honey.  Honey is tucked away on Hamilton Avenue, and is one of the new-ish businesses that is helping to bring new people to Northside on a daily basis. Honey is nothing if not popular.  The other night Mim and I couldn’t even squeeze into the bar for drinks, it was so packed! Random fact:  the building that Honey is in is the oldest original piece of Italianate architecture on Hamilton Avenue. Nerd with a capital N, I like to think its endearing.

Quick run down of what we had:  we shared an appetizer of braised pork butt (sounds really bizarre but was unbelievably tender and good) while sipping on the necessary 6 o’clock dinner drinks of our choice: Jason went with an always worthwhile India Pale Ale and I decided to try out the Honey Royale cocktail (thank you Matt for reminding me what it was that I drank!) made of Barenjager  Honey Liqueur and champagne (delicious!).  For dinner I had honey laced polenta topped with fresh and smoked mozzarella cheeses, sautéed baby spinach, butternut squash, and Rouster’s apples. Jason had  the classy New York strip steak.  They cook their steak not too rare, but damn rare enough.  Yes, I unapologetically love rare steak.

The dessert was inspiring, literally.  It was chocolate chocolate chocolate in cake form topped with (thank god) some kind of melted chocolate + strawberries and mint on the side.   When we go out to eat I am the official dessert chooser for a reason.  Not to brag but I have a pretty awesome nose for simple and good dessert.  It’s probably because I have a hollow leg specifically designated for that particular food group (oh you didn’t realize dessert was an important food group… I guess school is always in session).   Here is my chocolate inspired thought:  bake an enormous, simple yet decadent chocolate cake and deliver pieces of it to local friends as a surprise/gift.  Tomorrow or Saturday might have to be homemade pizza and chocolate cake day in this Northside kitchen!

Honey is located at 4034 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio, 45223.  Besides dinner, they have freak out amazing Sunday brunch.