Carl’s Deli and the perfect sandwich

I’m pretty proud of myself right now.  I just managed to make it from Walnut Street downtown to Carl’s Deli on Observatory in Hyde Park and back downtown to Court Street  during rush hour all within an hour, that hour being my dinner break from work.  Spending 12:00 – 9:00 sitting at a cubicle without a window/natural light gives me tunnel vision, so rushing to my car to drive to one of my favorite places in Cincinnati with the windows down, finally enjoying the afternoon, was 100% worth it.

Carl’s Deli is one of the few places in Cincinnati that, were I to move away, I would want to fold up, stick in my pocket and take with me  wherever I was going.  It’s tiny with an old school feel to it, completed by the striped cloth awning outside.  The people working there are nice and chatty and make excellent, fresh sandwiches.  Today I had a brief conversation with the man behind the counter while my bread was being toasted  about how goats (if you can keep them) are good for a.) trimming your grass and b.) keeping your allergies at bay as they eat up all the bad, allergen plants and then if you drink the goat’s milk it will protect you against aforementioned allergens.  True? Maybe, maybe not, either way it was interesting.

Notice that the three pictures are of the same sandwich, that is because this sandwich is the BEST sandwich. Its their (I’m 95% sure) #23: fresh sliced turkey on toasted white bread, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon sans the mayo and onions.

Important story: About a month ago I went to Sarasota, Florida on vacation to meet up with my sister and my grandparents at their winter beach bungalow.  We spent every day reading, napping, walking on the beach, watching the Olympics and eating (yes) turkey +swiss cheese sandwiches.   It was heaven.  The sandwich that I described above from Carl’s is as damn close to the wonderfulness of that simple, perfect sandwich in Sarasota as I’m going to get here in Cincinnati. Does any more REALLY need to be said?  No, the answer is no.

List of 5 local eateries that I would want to take with me if/when I move (before anyone gets all up in arms these are only 5, I have many more):

  1. Carl’s Deli – for their amazing sandwich and great employees
  2. The Netherland Plaza Hotel bar at Palm Court: for their awesome cocktail selection and sweet vibe + the really awesome old men playing jazz.
  3. JeanRo Bistro – for their sweet potato and pear soup (with thick cream and drizzled with goat cheese).
  4. Take the Cake – for their meatball hoagie and their chocolate bread pudding
  5. Jo An – hands down the BEST sushi in town, the Jo An roll is heavenly