Eat Art (and macaron)

Last Saturday was the art opening at Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum for the Deep Fried Freedom Festival, a one night only collaborative show in which my good friend Matt Morris had three “pastel-hued drawings of parties gone awry” on display plus an Eat Art piece.  The main theme? Food in art of course!  A week before the opening I was completely honored to be asked by him to make 2 dozen pale pink, almond and rose macaron to be displayed alongside his work  and then eaten by the gallery goers.  Art + macaron = a happy Julia.

Making sixty macaron in one night (I was not only baking for Matt, but for an even at U.Turn Art Space as well) by myself (although, not  completely alone as my friend Mim did help me at specific key moments, AND kept me company while I was running around like a crazy woman), in a tiny urban Kitchennette is a test in endurance.  By the early hours of Saturday morning my kitchen looked like a bomb had detonated and my body and mind felt as if they were on the tipsy edge of a sugar induced collapse.

Sixty macaron completed and put together I hauled my tired self to my final day of work at the public library from 9-6. Whew.  Needless to say that by the time that evening was over I was in need of a drink. However, I am really getting the hang of making macaron.  Im very proud to say that I turn out cohesive batches now, one after the other, that are fit not only to eat but to sell!  A little bit of pain and a lot of gain. Completely worthwhile.

* A Kitchenette page is coming soon, and possibly an adapted recipe for these pale pink macaron….