in the depth of winter

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer”  Albert Camus


  Hands down, 2010 was the most beautiful year I’ve ever experienced. I learned how to love myself more and more, learned to laugh harder at life’s pit stops with my favorite ladies, learned to expect the most out of my life – no settling!-, and learned to listen to my heart when the best of the best comes along, unexpectedly. 


 My life is a full one, and I cant wait to see what 2011 brings along with it!   I will always carry around my favorite mental snapshots of the past year like Polaroids; someday they will be a little faded, but still vibrant from what will be a lifetime of happy mental handling.

2010, I will always remember you for:


An amazing summer and fall full of good things to drink, eat and talk about on fire escapes and rooftop gardens, bar stools and farm back porches, laying next to pools and on benches in the park, riding in cars and riding on bikes, on top of bar tar roofs and in the comfort of my own house that is now a home)

Gaining, and loving oh so much, my new family ( I have an adorable nephew Gavin, above with my husband David)!  Yay family!

Good times with good friends who fed our minds with their intelligence, our hearts with their humor, and our dreams with their zest for life.  Happy 2011 to all of the friends who have been in my thoughts and days this past year, you are all absolutely lovely.

The moments of stillness and quiet that I invited into my life this year made all the difference.  My books, my tea, and my thoughts.

Finding me.