my dad

Growing up with my dad being an active and enthusiastic cook  is the number 1 reason I pretty much fell in love with learning to bake when I was younger, and then learning to cook (and continuing to bake) as I got older.  He does both and he’s really, really good at it.    I remember watching my dad, in his floury old red apron (“that you tie in the front because real cooks tie their apron in the front”) make cake (Thunder Cake, white cake, yellow cake, Boston Cream Pie, Texas Sheet Cake, Chocolate Cake), and all kinds of  pie (apple, cherry, pumpkin, lemon meringue, chocolate meringue, rhubarb), donuts, stew, soup, breads, all kinds of savory dishes, omelets (this man makes a mean omelet), biscuits,  gravy, canned tomatoes, canned peaches, canned preserves, canned apples and on and on and on.

On Sunday David and I went to my parents to watch the Superbowl.  They roasted a turkey with gravy, had baked beans with bacon, corn, carrots, and corn bread.  The crowning moment, however, was the platter sized, sky-high, velvety New York style cheese cake that my dad spent the entire day (and 2 pounds of cream cheese) making.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Imagine the moon as cheesecake and that’s what this was. Rich and wonderful.  I am always impressed, and I am always inspired by my dad.