Literati Glitterati – A U·turn Fundraiser

2159 Central Avenue, located  in the  wonderfully seasoned neighborhood of Brighton, will be all bright eyed and bushy-tailed come Saturday night (February 19. 2011, 7 – 10 PM) thanks to the good folks and dear friends at U·turn Art Space.  Put on your best frock gentleman  and dust off those duds ladies and join all the beautiful people at Literati Glitterati ( a $10.00 suggested donation will be graciously accepted at the door if you choose to be giving with your pocket-book ) for an evening of  books, beauty, beer, poetry, musical intermissions plus a lovely meal (to which I am  happily contributing!).

Why a fundraiser?  Well, its expensive (surprise)  to run a successful and accessible gallery that actually features interesting people and artwork, brings a hodgepodge of communities together and creates an always fresh space for conversation, intelligence, curiosity and experimentation:

“U·turn is comprised of five members, all working artists with day jobs. The gallery takes no commission off of the sale of artwork in the space, wishing instead to pass all profits back to the artists. So far, we have financed the space with our own incomes.  It costs an estimated $585 a month to operate the gallery. This includes rent and energy as well as costs for producing an exhibition, such as wall paint, lights, reception refreshments, postcards and the cost to ship work back to artists. For a professional art gallery, this is amazingly economical. In the winter, our heating bills are much higher. We hope that this fundraiser will help us offset these expenses and make our spring exhibitions easier to produce. “

So, please come out and support one of Cincinnati’s best locations, run by some of it’s best people ( plus, it never hurts to stuff your face with lots of good and local food for a good cause)!