9 months ago yesterday David and I walked into the Cincinnati courthouse as single people and walked out married.  The past 9 months with my best friend have been more lovely than I could have ever imagined them to be, and I am forever changed for having David in my life. 

David and I both work slightly different shifts, and so we often times don’t get to enjoy breakfast or dinner together.   However, Wednesday night I made Amish style oatmeal to bake the next morning, a treat I enjoyed with my coffee at 8 AM and David enjoyed with his around noon.  I came home at 6 PM to a pot roast with onions and carrots plus homemade (and the best) mashed potatoes made and served by my awesome husband.  After throwing ourselves into a pre-planned food coma we revived ourselves just enough to drive to the store to buy wine, chocolate and bug repellant in preparation for the pièce de résistance of the evening.

 In the end, despite David’s expert attention, our plans to sit in our backyard with a fire for a few hours was thwarted by the wet ground and damp air.  We did get a blaze for about twenty minutes, and while David was busy trying to keep it going I enjoyed a glass of red wine, ate pieces of peanut and sea salt chocolate and admired my husband.  We finally threw our hands up, packed up camp and went back upstairs to our couch, our cat and the zombie movie Dead and Breakfast (it was hilarious).  Cheers to life, love and happiness… and zombie movies.