“A Something in a Summer’s Day”

It has been one long and tired summer in my corner of Cincinnati.  I’m saying it now – I’m ready for summer to fade away for 2011.  Bring on Autumn and a new stage of the year.  Life has been all shades of hectic, but I can’t completely complain.  Summer did have some pretty fine moments with David and my family many of which I was able to document,  some of which took place overseas (welcome to the world little Eleanor Faye!)  and some were simply quiet moments of grace.

Okay, lets talk Cincinnati in the summer- you either love it or you hate it.  Remember, this is the midwest, not San Francisco. From mid June – mid August there are no cool breezes wafting in off of the ocean, and no slight or severe dips in humidity even late at night.  Rain does not equal cool.  Those of us living in the Ohio Valley Basin have to find other ways to cool off, and unless you have a private pool (like I do!) Coney Island is a hot bed of activity during the dog days.  If you do have a private pool (did I mention that I do?) Coney Island is still a family tradition, and it’s just a really fun day.  Lay out at the enormous Sunlight Pool, take a paddle boat out onto Lake Quomo, walk down to the river by the old boat landing, almost lose your lunch on the Viking Ship ride (okay, maybe don’t do that one).  Oh, and get a giant soft serve ice cream cone.  This last one is a must.  However, can someone please explain to me why they don’t have sprinkles?

As tempting as it is to lounge around in the air-conditioning in your silk pajamas, sometimes you need to just get out and about on the weekends.  You can go to one of the many local parks, or head to Coney Island or the pool but if you have a mind to stay in the city Findlay Market is where you want to be. Open air farmers markets abound with sun ripened tomatoes, flowers, honey, eggplant, fresh eggs, amazing apples, and my favorite – peaches.  I tend to stay away from the vegetable vendors in the front, but I will always head inside to buy sausage, Amish raised chicken, spices and the occasional loaf of bread.  Oh, and to eat Dojo Gelato.  Not only do they have the best Gelato but in my personal opinion they also serve the best straight up espresso in Cincinnati.  One of my favorite moments this summer was going with Patty to eat her first ever Dojo Gelato. Definitely a noteworthy occasion!   

The major good news of the summer has been the addition of Bear, our 11 week old border collie/pit bull puppy.  He is a complete goofball, and as rolly polly as you could ever hope for-  my favorite are the grunting noises he makes anytime you pick him up (I secretly call him oink oink).  He loves everyone and everyone loves him!  He is still too little to go on long walks or hikes, but by mid to late fall he will be old enough to enjoy an hour-long trip to the woods or park and we can’t wait!