I’ve been busy, please forgive me

In the spirit of starting 2012 off by putting my best foot forward, I have a confession to make. I don’t really have a kitchen in Northside.  I mean, I used to. I’m not a total liar.  It was what people call “just okay”, mainly due to the fact that it was always freezing and awkwardly situated.  Truth be told, I really haven’t missed that kitchen at all.  I currently cook out of what I call my French kitchen.  Meaning, it is/was tiny and cute.  Emphasis on tiny.  Well, au revoir my tiny french friend, I’ll never forget you but its time to move on to to bigger and better things.  My oh so  exciting New Years news is that David and myself + Pantoufle and Bear are moving!  

Okay, David and I already live in East Walnut Hills and have for about two years now.  For two years-ish we have lovingly smashed ourselves (remember, plus animals) into a one bedroom, attic apartment that has been getting increasingly, er, cozy.  We are packing up and making the short jump to another lovely house with more room, higher ceilings, more pantry/cabinet space, a small deck and a mud room/basement +backyard.  Oh, did I mention off street parking? The great part is that we have a month before we are due to be 100% moved in.  One lovely month to paint and rehab (within reason, we are still renting) and situate our belongings before letting Bear and Pantoufle run amok.  I can’t tell you how excited we are!  Color is so important to me, and I have been pouring over paint ideas and color boards for inspiration.  Four words that contribute largely to my personal aesthetic are:

  1. Streamlined
  2. Understated
  3. Accent (or a touch of whimsy)
  4. Functional

Decorating a small space to feel like the perfect home isn’t easy (especially if you’re on a tight budget), and I don’t think I’ve achieved my goals as well as I could have in the past.  Previously I would start with a vague idea of what a home could look and feel like, and by the time I was ready to move out I’d been living in some crazy mixed up apartment full of contrasting colors and pieces of weird furniture I had picked up along the way, but that I was never really satisfied with.  This time it will be different I’m on a mission to love where I live!  Here are some images that have  inspired me today in various ways: