My husband is amazing when it comes to designing a room layout. He has the touch, the eye, that certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to organizing an attractive room.  I do not.  However, the one room in our new apartment that I immediately laid claim to was the kitchen.  For me the kitchen is paramount, it is where I relax, and it is my main creative outlet.  So, my main goals are to create a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing, and incredibly functional.  Space must be utilized and it must “flow”, or else you get halfway through making a complicated dish, arm deep in flour or a chicken, only to realize that the appliance you really need is stuck halfway across the room, and of course there’s no wall outlet over there, etc.  Plus, the kitchen is really the one room of the house that I spend most of my time in, and I just want it to be perfect really, really lovely.  Being faced with an empty, waiting kitchen is exciting and daunting.  In order to make the most of my space I’ve been scouring the web for tips on what makes a kitchen perfect really, really lovely.   Here is what I’ve found so far:

  1. The Triangle – the idea of situating your fridge, oven, and chopping block/chopping area in a triangle in order to move from one space to the other easily.
  2. Pots and pan storage – if they’re stored in deep drawers or cabinets they will get dusty and possibly rusty.  Amen. Get a hanging pot and pan rack (check!)
  3. Open Shelving- makes a room look bigger than it is.
  4. Utilize every inch–  As a friend correctly told me the other day “don’t you dare give up and inch of that counter space to a drying rack, buy a wall mounted one,you have to use every little bit effectively!”.
  5. Paint mindfully–  in a small space crazy contrasting colors can make your eye “stutter”, so to streamline a room and make it look a little bigger lighter colors and subtle accents are smart.   If you’re in love with your quirky kitchen appliances and think of them as something akin to jewelry for the kitchen (like I do) painting the room light, neutral colors can be a good idea.
  6. Organize- baskets and bins in the kitchen make everything so much easier to find, and put away.  Labeling them might not be a bad idea either, if your living partner is like David, and just haphazardly puts pots, pans and utensils away in random, really hard to find places.  Grrrrr.
  7. Watch your electrical outlets– As in, don’t set up your baking area across the room from the electrical outlet.  You will regret it.
  8. Purchase essentials strategically–  Example:  buy the garbage cans that you can open with your foot.  There is nothing yuckier than accidentally touching the garbage can with a hand that’s been all up in an uncooked chicken, if you know what I mean.
  9. Lighting– If you have windows in your kitchen,  buy lightweight shades or curtains that will give you privacy in the city, while letting lovely light in during the daylight hours.
  10. Pantry– line it. Honey is bound to spill, molasses is sticky and so is syrup, and basic sugar is too if it gets wet by accident.  Line your pantry with something that wont soak up liquid, and is easy to wipe clean.

Needless to say, my imagination is kinda on over drive. The first thing though, is picking out a main wall color, and David and I are going to make a trip to Home Depot this weekend to take a look at paint samples and prices (we are on a budget!).  I will also be checking out chalkboard paint for a possible wall/ container project , as well as looking into something pretty and inexpensive to line our 2 pantry spaces with.  With my kitchen in mind, here are a few things that have inspired me today: