Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue

This past weekend I took some time and paid a visit to my local Lowe’s to check out some paint samples.  Latte in hand, ideas written down, I hardly noticed the people around me.  In fact, I was so focused that I basically collided with a frazzled looking guy who was also completely in his own world.  His young daughter in tow he explained that he was frantically trying to pick out what looked to be different hues of red in order to complete a guest room before his very picky father-in-law arrived that evening. Poor guy!  Anyways, after an hour I went home with around 25 different samples and laid them all out on our kitchen table to look at them.  And look at them.  Aaaaand look at them.  After a few friend consultations, adjustments due to the re assessing the actual space, and conferring with David about taste I think the colors are finally nailed down (unless someone has a change of heart between now and Saturday, meaning me).

I am going to do something that I never thought I would do.  I am going to paint my kitchen a blue hue. Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue to be exact.  Originally I wanted to paint the kitchen a warm color, preferably a shade warmer than the living room to really use the available light and open the space up.  However, our kitchen is the only room without wooden floors, and the linoleum is outdated and yellowing.  After holding samples up to the wall I realized that having a warm color on the walls really wont help at all with hiding the yucky yellow.  A friend suggested a minty green to draw the eye away from the floor, and while I do like green kitchens I spent a load of time painting my kitchen mint green a few years back only to find myself unimpressed afterwards.  Blue was not an easy choice.  Basic blah blue was out of the question, I dislike powder blue and I’m not a huge fan of dark colors on walls, so I compromised and chose a hazy/vibrant blue-green that reminds me of the way the light and water look in San Francisco at the end of summer.  Blue is my last resort for any room, and especially a kitchen, which I suppose means its officially time to widen my aesthetic horizons.  With this in mind I hunkered down at the computer over the weekend and put in some research time, and here is a taste of what inspired me to take the leap: