Beautiful walls

Although our new apartment redo is progressing at a respectable pace, it is still early days.  However, that hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about all of the wonderful art I want to tastefully display on our lovely and empty walls!  Have you ever walked into a friend or relative’s home and been immediately struck by a really stunning piece of art, displayed just-so?  I have, and I am excited to see what David and I can do with our new(ly painted) walls. 

While some are able to splurge on expensive and gorgeous art most of us wont ever have a random $300 dollars hanging out in our checking account with which to purchase wall art.  Even if you do have the money to do it, sometimes making it yourself is just more fun.  If this sounds like your situation, click here to see Apartment Therapy’s “10 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Anyone Can Do”.  I personally love the concept behind the first one (see above). Here are some other fun DIY ideas:  

Or, lastly, if you are of the painterly persuasion hunker down and paint yourself something perfect (like Kyle and Erin’s lemon).  The cost of the supplies will be minimal, and you’ll have something no one else can replicate.