Its Friday!

I have my doubts, but the buzz is that Cincinnati just might actually get some real snow this weekend!  While we all like to gripe about shoveling our cars out from under 3 feet of snow, or how hard it is to walk the dog through a permanent snow drift, when there’s none to be had we tend to miss it.  Okay, I miss it.  I just want one solid snow to run around in, make snow angels or snow men in, put on heavy boots and stomp through, and then I want the whole adventure to culminate in a cozy evening drinking David Lebovitz’s hot chocolate (my absolute favorite) with my David after a glorious day of trekking through the park with Bear.

Either way, this weekend is going to be full of painting, a visit to an exciting place (the story next week!) on Saturday that perhaps bodes well for my future school endeavors, and a 21st birthday lunch on Sunday for my little  younger brother Ed. Hopefully all doused in some heavy snow!  Here are some fun things to bring a happy end to what has been a boring work week (all pictures are links!):

I love the processes involved in making Maple Syrup.  I’ve also read (ahem* Little House on the Prairie) that Maple syrup poured on top of fresh, clean non-city snow is good. 

My good friend Kate told me about/made this completely amazing slow cooker Tikka Masala recipe.  I tried a bite today and it is just as good if not better than what she was saying.  Her only tip is to add plain yogurt to the end result as well.

The Beautiful and The Damned cake by Poires au Chocolat in a state of tantalizing disarray.

Does anyone else remember loving these illustrations as a kid?

Helena Bonham Carter is so saavy.  Did you know that she and significant other Tim Burton live in two separate houses in Belsize Park, London that are connected by a doorway? They both agreed that they needed their own personal space, but wanted to maintain a close and happy loving relationship.  How cool!

This chair. Yes please.

If you’re dreaming of warmer months, how would you like to have a tiny summer-house inspired by Virginia Wolf’s garden room, or George Bernard Shaw’s writing room?

Get bundled up to go out and explore, baby its cold outside!