Short hair love

Do you ever feel like you’re doing a million things at once?  I know I do!  Spring has absolutely flown by in my tiny corner of the world, and now that it’s almost May I’m feeling more than a little sheepish for not having posted since January (so much for New Year’s resolutions)!  However, summer is almost here, and its a great place to pick back up again.  In anticipation of the hot days to come, I’ve had summer colors and flavors on the brain.  I cant wait to grill chicken and peaches, and sip on some alcoholic lemonade in the evening while relaxing by the pool.

Did you have a lemonade stand as a kid?  I did, and I loved it!  My sister and I sold lemonade for ten cents a cup, took our money and bought as much candy as we could (and then were turned loose outside to run off all that sugar). Here are two fun summer drink recipes I’ve found in my pregaming for summer:

Boozey Ice Cream FloatOrange Ginger Fizz

Also in anticipation of hot, hot days I cut my hair short! I have loved having short hair for years, and I felt like it was time again to do something short and chic.  With these ladies as inspiration, how can you not want to rock a short do?