New Beginings

When I started this blog a few years ago I was hoping for it to become a place where I + a few of my good friends could create a home of sorts for our adventures in Cincinnati (and beyond), our varying thoughts on food and cooking, plus anything else fun that we got involved with and put our creative energies into.  At the time I lived in Northside, and one of my favorite places to be was my kitchen – hence the name.  In my adult life, the kitchen has become a place where food and drink become the basis for creative process and the bedrock for lives shared with the best of friends and family – what place in the house says love and comfort more than an active and imaginative kitchen? Another Julia said it best when she proclaimed that “People who love to eat are always the best people” (Julia Child), and I agree.

Although I’ve loved happily babbling away to myself here in cyberspace for the past few years, I am even happier today to say that my initial desire to create a shared space of friends and Cincinnati locals is being realized with the addition of Kate, one of my closest friends, to Northside Kitchen.  Kate, funnily enough, lives in Northside.  I could tell you about how Kate makes some of the best food I’ve ever had, or about how her eye for vintage is on a level I know that I will never reach, or how we are both totally smitten with Benedict Cumberbatch the awesome show Sherlock, and on and on, but I should probably just let her say it in her own words.  Look for Kate’s first post coming up this next week, and until then here is my FAVORITE image from this week that I cant look at without instantly grinning (love love love):