about nk

Briefly:  My foray into the world of cooking, baking, and other endeavors plus everything lovely and messy that comes along with it.  I live with my husband, a cat named Pantoufle and a dog called Bear in lovely little house in Cincinnati, Ohio .  I like traveling, gelato, molasses, pickles, canoeing, reading and relaxing outside with my husband.  I would love to quit my job and cook for my friends all day. 

Photos:  All photos of my recipes and cooking were taken by me, unless otherwise specified. All other photos were not taken by me, unless otherwise specified!  If you are interested in a photo that is not mine, all are links that lead to their source of sorts (usually Pinterest).  If you know who a photo should be credited to, please leave me a comment and let me know!   

Kitchenette: This is also one of the home sites of Kitchenette, a collaboration between myself and Whirly Girl Coffee.  Our specialty is the lovely and enticing french macaron, which can be found wherever Whirly Girl sets up shop.  If you are interested in a specialty order or have questions, feel free to contact Kitchenette via this blog, or the Whirly Girl site.