Ernst Benary


cheer up honey!

Today was a long day at work, and through the tiny bit of window I could see from my desk it didn’t seem like the sun ever came out today, not even for a… Continue reading

l’été tu me manques

      On my chilly, grey and gritty walk from the parking garage to work this morning my mind started day-dreaming about summer and all of the wonderful and warm things that go along with months… Continue reading

Brown baggin’ it

$45.00 at Artifact Bag Co.  out of Omaha, Nebraska (I LOVE this) Organic reusable sandwich bag – $ 25.00 from Bebeloosh at Papernstitch Reusable 2 gallon storage bag – $12.00 from LoveForEarth Lunch tote… Continue reading

Mystery #1: the best smelling stairwell ever

The concrete stairwell in my parking garage always smells like perfume, really awesome perfume. Always, the same perfume every day.  I’m not complaining, perfume is much enjoyable then other city smells I can think of. … Continue reading

“an audacious animal”

Call it sick, but I’m kind of obsessed with the Dining and Wine section of The New York Times.  I read it before I read the actual news (although, can you really blame me for… Continue reading

amerigian wafel

Yesterday was the last glorious day of a three-day weekend, and it dawned (and by dawned I mean David and I graced the day with bleary eyes at 11:00 AM) sunny, which in January in… Continue reading

Why thank you, Great aunt Hilda!

The legacy of cake, coming soon!  

in the depth of winter

” In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer”  Albert Camus     Hands down, 2010 was the most beautiful year I’ve ever experienced. I learned how to… Continue reading

Joyeux Nouvel An!

And what a happy New Years it was! Nothing says hello 2011 like a big brunch at my sister’s with the family: quiche, orange juice, coffee, fruit, Schnecken (by yours truely!), and coffee… Continue reading