A quiet Sunday morning breakfast

Usually on Sunday mornings Jason and I both sleep in as long as possible, and then go out for brunch.  This morning, however, my stomach wasnt feeling too well (I have GERD)  due… Continue reading

Late night cinnamon bread

When I say late night, I do mean late.   This bread was a lovely after thought in a long day full of exhausting jury duty: when faced with difficult decisions I want… Continue reading

Dessert bananas: 1930’s culinary kitsch

When Patti and I were growing up the banana was the ever-present fruit in our house.  It was great on rice cereal and awesome covered in peanut butter.  The banana often popped up… Continue reading

Greek Baked Chicken in Yogurt

This was Patti’s surprise dinner for her boyfriend Caleb on his recent 21st birthday, Greek baked chicken in yogurt, plus rosemary garlic potatoes.  I don’t know about anyone else but on my 21st birthday I ended… Continue reading

The Mystery of the Macaron: part deux

Final Count: Macaron:1, Julia and Megan:1.  So, technically its a stalemate BUT since there were two of us (not to mention the fact that a macaron isn’t exactly an intelligent entity) I’m going to… Continue reading

Brownies, pure and simple

Why are the Moosewood Cookbook Brownies so legendary?  They are simple, deceptively rich, and taste doubley good after sitting in the kitchen for a night (that’s how you know a really good dessert,… Continue reading

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

I love having Saturdays off from work, its such a freeing day to be home with time to do whatever you like.  This week Jason and I treated ourselves to two really lovely… Continue reading

sweet like Honey

I know there are people who really like to take pictures of their food at the restaurants that they eat at, I respect this but rarely do it. I usually am too involved… Continue reading

One berry, two berry, pick me a…

Hello again, this is another “catch-me-up” post!  I had totally forgotten about these photographs taken early last year, until Jason unearthed them.  Every year my family preserves things like peaches, tomatoes, and strawberries, my… Continue reading

Northside travels to San Francisco

Admittedly, I should have posted these pictures and written this months ago, but in my defense I didn’t have this blog in August.  In August, Jason and I flew to the sunny city of… Continue reading