German Apple Cake

After a hiatus from baking (after the holiday’s both my and Jason’s pants were starting to fit a little snug, oops!) I reintroduced myself to my large -ish larder of flour, sugar, salt,… Continue reading

Findlay Market flowers

In Cincinnati, Findlay Market (downtown) is a great place to get farm fresh produce and other goods on the weekend(including flowers, yay!). Findlay market is one of the oldest operating farmer’s markets in… Continue reading

Walnut/Almond/Pumpkin seed/Oatmeal Granola

Granola has pretty much been a staple in my life since I started college. Its cheap, its filling, its nutritional (for the most part).  I would walk up to the Natural food store… Continue reading

Fried apples and nostalgia

At 10:00 a few Sunday nights ago I made fried apples! After eating stir fry I really wanted dessert, and although I was craving chocolate (as usual) I thought I’d try something a… Continue reading

Brownies! How outrageous….

So, I’m usually the one who forces baked goods upon people. I have thrust plates with cake/cobbler/cookies into the hands of many friends (fork included) and instructed them to eat. I usually bake things with… Continue reading


Ive found myself increasingly more and more in love with food.  Reading food  blogs, watching food shows, cooking/baking food, eating food… Am I a “foodie”? I dont know, maybe?  What I do know… Continue reading