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la tourangelle

    Forgive my sounding like a promotional but I have a new obsession – La Tourangelle oils.  Not only are they beautifully branded (I am a sucker for good branding), they come in so many different flavors… Continue reading

Eat Art (and macaron)

Last Saturday was the art opening at Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum for the Deep Fried Freedom Festival, a one night only collaborative show in which my good friend Matt Morris had three “pastel-hued drawings of… Continue reading

Over-the-Rhine Summer Celebration

This upcoming Saturday is the second annual OTR Summer Celebration and Megan (Whirly Girl Coffee) and I will be there selling espresso drinks and our Kitchenette macarons off of the Whirly Girl Cart from… Continue reading

Kitchenette goodies: dense chocolate cupcakes + raspberry mascarpone macarons

Friday was Final Friday in Cincinnati, and at Park+Vine Megan and I were busy selling Whirly Girl Coffee and peddling Kitchenette goodies.  In preparation I had spent most of the evening before hand and… Continue reading


Its been very hard but I have been keeping a big, wonderful secret.  Megan (of Whirly Girl Coffee) and I have been busy baking and planning and will be unveiling our new yummy… Continue reading

The Mystery of the Macaron: part deux

Final Count: Macaron:1, Julia and Megan:1.  So, technically its a stalemate BUT since there were two of us (not to mention the fact that a macaron isn’t exactly an intelligent entity) I’m going to… Continue reading